Together in the Psalms

Series Information The book of Psalms is one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry ever written. It engages us. It draws us in with its imagery, its raw emotion, and its mix of both problem and praise. The psalms feel like real life, and they model for us what it looks like to encounter […]

The Beatitudes

Series information In a world overflowing with New York Times bestsellers masquerading as “self-help” and a plethora of podcasts dispensing endless tips and tricks for a better life, we might be inclined to believe that our path to happiness is paved by the latest gurus and influencers. However, what if the true secret to a […]

The Charge

Discipleship Guide Pick up our 9-week Discipleship Guide in person at any of our campuses, while supplies last or click below for a digital copy.  Each week, we will give you a series of questions to ask as we approach the passage. At the beginning, we’ll share our own insights as examples, but as we […]

Waiting and Worship

Study Guide AND WORSHIP BOOKLET Download the Worship and Waiting Study Guide PDF and the Worship Booklet to enhance your personal study by clicking below. STUDY GUIDE WORSHIP BOOKLET Series Introduction We live in a world overflowing with noise and distraction. The constant barrage of information, the endless to-do lists, and the pressures of daily […]

Everyday Life – Life Lessons from the Book of Proverbs

Series introduction Join us this summer for a dive into the wisdom book, as we explore what Proverbs has to say about Wisdom, Speech, Money, Marriage, Friendship, Work, Parenting, Humility, Rest, and Legacy. Discover practical everyday applications for the most significant seasons and aspects of life, according to scripture. July 2 – September 3, 2023 weekly deep dive This […]

You Will Be My Witnesses – A Study in the Book of Acts

DISCIPLESHIP GUIDES The Acts Discipleship Guide is available at no cost via downloadable PDF! Click below! NEW – PART 3 DISCIPLESHIP GUIDE ARCHIVE Acts Discipleship Guides will be available for in-person purchase for $15 at your campus on Sundays SEE LOCATIONS Series introduction In the book of Acts we encounter the birth of the Church […]

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation SERIES INTRODUCTION As we look with hopeful expectation to all God has in store for us in 2024, we invite you to join us for this year’s Spiritual Formation mini-series.   Join us for an exploration of the spiritual disciplines of Secrecy, Corporate Prayer, Evangelism, and Fellowship. Cultivate, with us, these spiritual tools as […]

Destined for Redemption – Ruth

Ruth SERIES INTRODUCTION Christmas is such a special time of year. Nostalgic sights, smells, and sounds fill the air as we engage seasonal traditions, attend special gatherings, and seek out time with family & friends. Yet as Christians, this season holds a unique and unprecedented significance. The days leading up to Christmas, or Advent, is a […]

Covenant Community

What is covenant community? We believe that the church is the dearest place on Earth and that, as believers, we are designed to wholeheartedly belong to a Covenant Community in the expression of a local church family There is a sacred and precious relationship between those committed to actively belonging to a church and those […]

Something Better – A Study in The Book of Hebrews

Discipleship Guide The Hebrews Discipleship guide is available at no cost via downloadable PDF! Click below!  Free PDF Discipleship guides will be available for in-person purchase for $15 at your campus on Sunday’s. In-Person Purchasing SERIES INTRODUCTION As human beings, we all suffer from ASBS, the “Always Something Better Syndrome”. Deep down we sense there […]