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In a world overflowing with New York Times bestsellers masquerading as “self-help” and a plethora of podcasts dispensing endless tips and tricks for a better life, we might be inclined to believe that our path to happiness is paved by the latest gurus and influencers. However, what if the true secret to a blessed and happy life isn’t hidden in their words?

In one of the most renowned sermons ever delivered, Jesus reveals a divine approach to life that contrasts sharply with worldly wisdom. His Sermon on the Mount outlines how God engages with this world and how His people should live, presenting a profoundly beautiful way of life. This is not a life defined by power and might, but one characterized by humility, weakness, and love. This counter-cultural message challenges us to find true joy and fulfillment not in material success or social status, but in embodying the virtues of Christ.  The entrance into God’s kingdom is marked not by self-aggrandizement or force, but by embracing the way of the cross.

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