Discipleship Guide

Pick up our 9-week Discipleship Guide in person at any of our campuses, while supplies last or click below for a digital copy.  Each week, we will give you a series of questions to ask as we approach the passage. At the beginning, we’ll share our own insights as examples, but as we get further into the study, we want to give you the opportunity to practice these steps on your own. Our ultimate goal is that you would grow in your love for the living word of God (Jesus) as you read, study, and are transformed, by the written word of God (the Bible).

Series Introduction

In the book of 2 Timothy, we encounter a deeply personal exchange between mentor and disciple. We discover the poignant final words, the final charge, of the apostle Paul to his esteemed protégé, Timothy. Anticipating the challenges ahead for young Timothy, Paul’s letter is infused with encouragement and exhortation. Through his final words, Paul reminds Timothy of his divine calling and offers practical insights into upholding truth as the cornerstone of his life and ministry. This epistle illuminates timeless principles that resonate with us today