Partnering with parents to lay the foundation for
Gospel-centered living in our kids!

Welcome to SV Kids!

Welcome to Summit View Kids! As your child journeys through the different phases of life from birth to 5th grade, we consider it a privilege to partner with you. We believe the best way we can impact the life of children is by partnering with parents. The combined influence of the church and parents is far more powerful than either of these influences working separately. We look forward to getting to know you and how we can best serve you, so that we will have the greatest impact on your child.

Sunday Online
While we are unable to meet together on Sundays at this time, we are offering weekly videos and lessons for SV Kids. SV Kids Online resources are emailed to parents every Sunday. If you would like to receive these lessons, email LeAnn to be put on the mailing list.


We want every child who passes through our doors to know how amazing God is and how much He loves them. Sunday mornings, children will participate in engaging Biblical storytelling, worship, small group activity and discussion, plus a whole lot of fun!


Your children’s safety is of the utmost concern to us. We have gone to great lengths to put the best safety practices in place. We regularly evaluate our policies to make sure we are providing the safest environment possible for children.

Background checks and training are required for all volunteers.

Our child security system requires that every child wear a name tag with a security number and allergy alerts (if necessary). Children are only released to adults named on the approved pick-up list AND with a security claim tag.


Each week in our early childhood area, we share Bible stories, sing songs, and engage in fun, hands-on activities that help reinforce these ideas. Children are placed in age-appropriate classes to learn and grow in an environment designed just for them. Classes are broken down by age group and children advance to the next class when they have a birthday.


In our elementary classes, children will experience creative Biblical storytelling, connection with a consistent small group leader, and fun activities to reinforce the lessons and discuss how to apply them to their lives. As our teachers lead our children chronologically through the Bible, Christ’s story is illuminated in each story along the way. Students are challenged to hide God’s Word in their hearts by practicing verses in a variety of fun ways each Sunday. Our hope is that when students leave 5th grade, they are not only able to find different scriptures in their Bibles, but also know and accept God’s deep love for each of them.

Mother’s Viewing Room (Heritage Park Campus)

There is a mother’s viewing room available on the second floor of our Heritage Park Campus for nursing mothers or moms with young ones who are not quite ready to attend class. Mothers can feel free to use this room to watch and hear the message from the auditorium while keeping their infants with them.

Summit View Kids Lobby

At the Heritage Park Campus, there is an area where you may “hang out” with your children should they be unable to stay in the gathering or in the Summit View Kids area. There you can enjoy a couple of comfortable chairs to sit on, some toys, and a TV where you can continue to hear the message.  It is located behind the check-in area on the first floor.

Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, we would love to meet with you to discuss the needs of your child and how we might be able to accommodate them. Currently, we do not have a fully -equipped special needs ministry, but we do meet with families individually and strive to create a plan that will best support the child and the parents. Please do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment with us if this is an area of need.


Fusion Camp is two nights and three days, specifically designed for our 4th & 5th-grade students. This camp is a great place for kids to connect with one another, grow spiritually, and work together in a team setting to overcome challenges.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the Summit View Kids Team at 360-260-8300.

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For more information about Summit View Kids contact:

LeAnn Ashton – Heritage Park Children’s Director

Katelyn Gulliford – Battle Ground Children’s Director

Tiffany Nielson – Westside Children’s Director

Kerry Keast – Heritage Park Children’s Ministry Leader Coordinator