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When we think about our lives in the framework of seasons, Winter typically represents bareness, silence, darkness, and stillness. Yet, God uses each season–even the dreary, cold ones–for our good and for His glory.

Think about trees that look dead and barren to the human eye – despite how they look, deep down they are alive and growing. In the chill of the winter, their roots dig deep into the earth and draw on the deep nutrients of the soil–sometimes more than in seasons of fruitfulness!

Are you in the winter? Don’t be afraid. Don’t be anxious. Be reminded that in everything, in every season, He is always working; as we wait, we can hope in great expectation for seasons to come and rest in the promises of God.


No matter what season you are in, get outside in nature today and enjoy His creation. Rain, snow, sun–no matter what the conditions are get outside to take a walk in His perfect presence and talk to Him about the season you are in. In a season of peace & joy? Rejoice! In a season fraught with hardship or pain?. Cry out to Him for comfort. No matter your season, He is with you this Christmas time.