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Hope is not optimism. Hope is an expectancy grounded in truth.

As we conclude our first week of Advent, we’ve spent time talking about, singing about, and pondering the practical implication of the story–ancestry of Jesus found in Matthew 1 and what it looks like to be a part of His family today. The people listed in Matthew 1 were all integral parts of God’s story of reconciliation through Jesus. The lineage recognized in the Bible contributes to the Hope of a coming Savior.

You too are part of God’s great story. If you are a faithful follower of Jesus, YOUR name is also written in a book–the Book of Life. This makes you are an heir with Christ and a son or daughter of the Living God!


What are you hoping for this Christmas Season? Where do you need God’s grace in your life? Where do you need to see a miracle? Pray with an understanding of God’s truth today for those areas of hope in your life, the life of your family or your friends. Pray with an understanding that God loves you more than you can comprehend.