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As we approach the Christmas season, let us celebrate like Elizabeth–finding joy in our lives for how God works in the unexpected and celebrating His faithfulness. Even more more importantly, let us find our joy in the knowledge that our Messiah has come! Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, is with us and He is forever faithful; always at work in our lives. His plans will always come to pass in His perfect timing. Through His choice to come, He did for us what we could not do for ourselves, saving us from our sins and reconcilling us to God. Our Savior is born!


Got Zechariah syndrome? Spend some time reading throught Luke 1:5-25 again today. Search your thoughts and ask God to reveal to you any areas where you–like Zachariah–are not believing God’s promises for your life. Confess those thoughts to Him and to a loved one; invite them to pray for you in this area, and ask God to clear out obstacles in your heart, preventing you from receiving all that He has for you in this season.