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We are excited to offer a wide range of topics designed to develop people in all stages of life to grow in Biblical understanding, character, discipline, and knowledge of current cultural issues. The purpose of these classes is not merely knowledge-transfer or a Christian version of a self-help course. In these classes, it is our desire to see God continually transform his people into who He’s calling them to be. It is our goal to make the Bible and theology accessible to everyone. 



Christianity & Worldview – How to Engage in the Gospel Story

Class Description:

Are you uncertain of how to engage in Gospel conversations with friends, family members, or acquaintances? Uncertain of the words to say or even how to start the conversation? Do you find yourself struggling to find the right connections on how to show just how truly amazing Jesus is? Then this class is for you. This is not simply a class on evangelism or apologetics –  it’s a class to help us best understand the different worldviews we all have that shape our values, ideals, lifestyles, and habits.  And how we can best use the Gospel story to share our faith as a regular rhythm of our life.

Materials Needed:

Evangelism by Mack Stiles; Hidden Worldviews by Steve Wilkens & Mark Sanford

Dates: Class meets Mondays at 7 PM | Begins on October 4th

Class Instructors: Sarah Glassett & Kyle Wetzler

Location: Heritage Park Campus
(You can also join this class digitally via ZOOM)


God at Work – Connecting Sunday to the rest of your week

Class Description:
Have you ever asked the questions like:

  • What impact should my Sunday worship gathering experience have on the rest of my week?
  • How does what I believe have an impact on what I do for work?
  • How can I know what I am supposed to do with my life?
  • How does the Gospel prepare me to have a strong marriage, raise a family, and be a good neighbor and citizen?

You see, we believe that we glorify God not only when we worship Him on Sundays, but in all of our lives. In this class, we will explore the Bible to discover the different vocations, or callings and assignments, that God has called us to. How we can join God at work in the world and experience His presence in our everyday ordinary lives.

Materials Needed:
God at Work by Gene Veith; Work Matters Tom Nelson

Dates: Class meets Tuesdays at 7 PM | Begins on October 5th

Class Instructors: John Dombroski & Kyle Wetzler

Location: Heritage Park Campus
(You can also join this class digitally via ZOOM)

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