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God has a long history of redeeming the irredeemable, exalting the unremarkable, and restoring the broken. As we take a look at the ancestry of Jesus, we discover it is no exception. God brings forth the world’s great hope and salvation from a succession of all different types of people with all different stories. Some were mighty, some were ordinary, some were scandalous. Jesus’ origin story displays a tapestry of messy people being used in mighty ways for God’s purposes. Do you trust God to redeem your most shameful parts and accomplish something beautiful?


What does your story say about God’s character? Meditate on the ways that God has redeemed your life. Write out a list of the things that are true about God in light of the ways He has shown up in your life. Set aside a moment to give thanks and praise to God for the salvation He offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.