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“Imagine being a teenage girl pledged to be married to a man you barely know.

Following the customs of their culture, Joseph has paid a “bride price” to your family, and you are expected to spend the next year preparing for marriage. Then suddenly, amidst your preparations, you are visited by the angel Gabriel, who informs you that you have been chosen to conceive and give birth to God’s Son.

Everything seemed to be out of Mary’s control in the Christmas story. In the middle of her betrothal, she becomes pregnant with God’s Son, leaving her fate in Joseph’s hands as he could demand retribution for a child that is not his own. Yet in the midst of it all, Mary testifies: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

In a time of uncertainty, Mary chose to worship God, looking towards the hope she had in Him. Her praise focused on the mighty works God had done and His past faithfulness; Mary’s fear, replaced with hope.


Take a moment to write out Mary’s prayer of praise and post it on a mirror or in your car–somewhere you will see it often. When things seem out of your control this Christmas season, come back to her prayer, pause and give thanks to God, and write out your own prayers of praise to the God who is still working to fulfill His promises today.