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Are you in a season of waiting? Do you feel like things aren’t going as planned and all your questions remain unanswered? Do you feel hunger for more of the Lord’s presence yet feel far from Him? Have you prayed and prayed with no answer? Do you wonder or doubt God’s goodness?

This is your hope – Jesus Christ, the light of the world, has come to save and to restore. To bring peace on earth. To be with us, and to heal us from suffering.

For all who wait, for all who hunger, for all who’ve prayed, and for all who wonder – The King, the Messiah, Emmanuel has come.


Where do you need peace in your life? Not just a good feeling about something but a peace that surpasses all understanding? God cares for you and desires you to rest in the safety of His promises.

Spend time today identifying where in your life you need His peace, then reach out to a friend or a Life Group member and ask them to pray with you. Ask God to grant each of you His peace wherever you need it most this Christmas season.