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The past couple of years have been marked by unexpected difficulties, foiled plans, and losses to grieve. And yet, God promises that He is with us, even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty.

Just as God was with Mary in a season of unexpected hardships, we can look to God and His eternal promises for comfort and security. May we be like Mary when unexpected circumstances come our way; resolved to likewise say “”I am the Lord’s servant…may things be for me as you have decided them to be.”” This simple act of submission opens us up to engage the presence of a gracious God and experience His favor and presence.


What places in your life do you need to submit to God’s perfect authority; your future, your finances, your relationships, your current circumstances? God has a plan for you. Take time today to sit with God; ask Him to reveal what strongholds might be holding you back from receiving all that He has for you, and surrender them to Him in a confession of faith today.