We all love a good story. The entertainment industry makes billions of dollars year after year simply by telling stories. All good stories contain similar components. We become invested in a story when we encounter a protagonist who finds themselves in a trying or difficult situation. Whether it is jealousy, sibling rivalry, betrayal, love interests, murder plots, suffering, or despair, we all leap out of our seats when a person experiences redemption or salvation from their situation. Often, we love even more the story which tells of a hero who comes from an unlikely place, a good underdog story. Luckily for us, the story of the life of Joseph contains all the above. The life of Joseph is a Hollywood story worth watching.

However, as easy as it is for us to paint the picture of Joseph as the hero in this story, we would be mistaken in thinking the story is ultimately about him. We quickly overlook the fact that God is the main actor in this story, not Joseph. This story is more than just a narrative of Joseph’s life from the deep pit of despair to the palace. Over the next seven weeks we will be looking at the concluding chapters of the book of Genesis where we will see how God worked and moved through Joseph’s life to bring about a promise established years before he ever existed.