The Gospel of John is a masterful telling of Jesus’ life and mission. Its goal is simple, “so that you would believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you would have life in his name.” Believing what is written in these pages has life altering implications because they are the words of life itself. As we read the words of John the disciple whom Jesus loved, we watch him carefully explain the life and mission of Jesus in a way that depicts Jesus as bigger and bigger as he makes his way to the cross. Each miracle, every sign and statement are designed to stir up awe in our hearts as we interact with God in the flesh.


When someone first comes to explore Christianity or right after they become a Christian, one is often encouraged to pick up and read the Gospel of John. For it is within these pages the life and ministry of Jesus are put on display. In twenty-one chapters, one can get a good grasp of who Jesus is and what exactly he came to do.

For the next twelve weeks, we at Summit View will be concluding our study on the Gospel of John. In our study, we will be picking up where we left off last year. We will start in chapter twelve and continue through the rest of the book. This section of the gospel is often referred to as Jesus’ private ministry. We will see direct words to his disciples and further examine his passion week, where He laid down his life for his friends. It is our hope and prayer that through our time in this book together, those who know Christ will have their relationship strengthened, and those who are seeking would come to a point of believing that He is who He says He is.