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As human beings, we all suffer from ASBS, the “Always Something Better Syndrome”. Deep down we sense there is more to this life than this and find ourselves constantly searching for something better. We spend our lives searching for the next thing that might leave us satisfied and fulfilled, yet the moment we find it within our grasp, we are once again left longing for something better. Every generation looks to the past and the future, certain that anything but what is in the present must be better.
Thankfully, the Bible offers another way; a “something better” or rather someone better that meets our every need and satisfies the longings of our souls.
This is the thread woven throughout the book of Hebrews. Its 13 chapters makes it abundantly clear that Jesus is the superior answer to all we might long for, hope for, and seek out for the fulfillment of our souls. He knows the deepest longings of our souls and invites us to look up from all the world has to offer to pursue something better—Himself.
Journey with us for the next seventeen weeks and discover for yourself an anthology of God’s faithfulness, an invitation to find all we need in Jesus and the pitfalls that come from seeking our hope in other places.