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Welcome to Summit View Moms Ministry!

The Summit View Moms ministry is open to everyone! While Moms is mostly made up of mamas with littles, we want moms of all seasons to know that they are welcome and encouraged to come. Please join us because we need each other and we are all better together!

  • We meet Thursdays: September 23, 2021 through May 5, 2022 from 9:30am – 11:30am.  
  • We will meet in the SVC Heritage Park Lobby.
  • Registration is $10 per person for the year.
  • Bring your Bible and a notebook!

All mamas and their children must register for SV Moms.

Summit View Moms

Summit View Moms is a MOSAIC of women, drawn together by the camaraderie of Motherhood, and held together by our love for Christ.


…Motherhood is Celebrated. Every mama, whether your baby isn’t here yet or your babies have babies of their own, this is for YOU!
…Opportunities for Growth are Expected. We won’t shy away from hard conversations and will practice speaking the truth in love.
…Scripture is Explored. God’s Word is our final authority and how we learn who He is. We will study it and learn to cherish it.
…Adventures are Anticipated. We will make room for lots of fun together! I mean, girls just wanna have fun, right?
…Interdependence is Embraced. Let’s face it. We need each other! God created us for community and we will embrace this as we learn from each other.
…Christ is Glorified! As women seeking to live Gospel-Centered lives, we will strive to know Christ, the central figure of the Gospel, and to glorify him in all we do.



Questions? We’d love to help! Please contact Christi Scroggs for more information about SV Moms.
You can also stay connected by following us on social media via Facebook and Instagram!