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What comes to mind when you think about Christmas? Do you envision decorating your home with lights or putting up the tree? Do you remember traditions, plan for Christmas parties, or ruminate on selecting the perfect gift for everyone in your life? Or do you think about tense gatherings with your extended family? Perhaps the stressful, busy weeks leading up to the holidays?

As you let the words of this song wash over you, tune your heart to think about the heart of the holiday season–King Jesus was born to bring joy, peace, and to abolish the darkness! Let the Christmas season remind you of God’s great love for you, that He sent His son to save His people.

Let us sing of His glory, and rejoice in the name of Jesus, God with us.


As we enter into the home stretch this week, finishing up last minute shopping, decorating, and planning for Christmas morning, we invite you to incorporate what may perhaps be a new tradition: a Christmas morning planned around celebrating Jesus with your family. Read through the Christmas story, pray together, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and write out a “gift” you want to give Him this year! Not sure how to get started? Here are some helpful tips & suggestions: