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This week has all been about Elizabeth and Zachariah. Their son, John the Baptist, became the one who was the “voice in the wilderness” and the one who “prepared the way of the Lord.” His mission on earth was not be the Christ, but to declare to the world what he already knew before he was event born–that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of the Living God. He lived a life that pointed others to Jesus as their long-awaited Savior.

Are you living a life this Christmas season that points others to Jesus? Do you find yourself caught up in the commercializion and busyness of Christmas or have you been able to engage the real reason for the season? Turn your eyes upon Jesus and declare His coming to the world.


We are getting close to Christmas–just 10 more days! Who might God be calling you to share the joy of Christ with this Christmas season? Identify 2 people or families to attend a Christmas Eve service with you this year and invite them. Don’t know where to start? Print and fill out this invitation!