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Our Mission:

“Know. Follow. Serve.”

Middle schoolers today are growing up in a world that is hyper-connected technologically yet less and less connected spiritually and socially. Many of them feel lost and don’t understand the purpose of their life.

Tribe exists to support families by helping middle schoolers know who they are in Christ so they follow Jesus for a lifetime and serve God and others.

At Tribe middle schoolers can learn about Jesus and worship Him, connect with their friends and make new ones, and have some much-needed fun.

When We Meet:

Tribe Gathering

Tuesday and Wednesday nights are a place for middle schoolers to meet up with friends and be real with each other and Jesus. On a normal midweek, we do a competition or game to help get everyone involved, worship Jesus through song, hear about Him through a message, and meet in discussion groups where middle schoolers can talk about what they heard and seek out how to apply it to their lives. Our meeting times are:

11:30AM – 12:45PM Sunday at Heritage Park

7:00PM -9:00 PM Tuesday at Felida

Tribe Small Groups

We do small groups on Sunday mornings because it’s a convenient time for families. One of the most crucial skills for a middle schooler to learn is how to connect deeply with their peers. Sundays help students learn how to study the Bible themselves and how to be in community with other believers. We meet:

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Wednesday at Heritage Park

11:00 AM Sunday at Felida

If you would like to get your student connected to a small group please contact Marti Barta at HP Campus or Ben Nelson at Felida Campus




Save the Date!
GRIT summer camp is June 28 – July 2, 2017 at Island Lake



Please Note: During the school year, Tribe does NOT meet on school holidays or vacations, including Christmas Break and Spring Break.

Marti Barta – Director of Middle School Ministry – HP
Ben Nelson – Middle School Intern – Felida


If you have any questions about Tribe, please contact the church office (360) 260-8300