Our vision is to awaken men to embrace the love of Jesus, own their true identity, accept responsibility and to be eternal difference makers.

Our Plan: Assimilate men into CARE groups through a variety of events. These groups of 4-8 men meet 2-4 times a month. Here, men can establish the trust and accountability they need, and allow others to coach them to spiritual maturity. We maintain four values in our men’s CARE groups:


If a man isn’t willing to be real and transparent with his struggles, fears, and failures then being a part of a men’s group is not for him. If things stay on the surface they get stale. When men remove their mask, other men are willing to do the same. Being real leads to real growth because men begin to face and deal with the underlying current in their life that are leading to the issue they may be dealing with.


Being real isn’t enough. It is one thing for a man to speak about his struggle with lust or anger, it is another thing to address it. Accountability is the process by which men challenge each other to specific action steps in order to grow. When you are around other men you trust, you can be held accountable by being asked what your actions were in the last week. Learning to keep short accounts with God starts by keep short accounts with other men.


If you can’t commit to a group and attend regularly, than you probably aren’t ready for a group. We have found that when a man is inconsistent in his attendance it often affects the dynamic of the group itself. Things that were shared in the past are missed by the absent man and need to be readdressed or reiterated often bogging down the group. If you can’t make the group, call. If you can’t make the group because Monday night football is on, you likely aren’t ready to be a part of the group.


To be a band of brothers, we need to commit to more than just a weekly attendance at a group. Jesus intended that we do life together, just has he did with his band of 12 disciples. That is why we are trying to foster an experience of friendship that includes being over for dinner at one another’s house, vacationing together or going on a retreat as a group. If you are just meeting these men once a week, you are missing out on what Jesus really intended for us to experience together: real fellowship 



The Coin and the Creed

We take seriously what the Bible says about the life we are living. We are at war. Men walk away from their families. Husbands are unfaithful to their wives. Men are addicted to pornography, alcohol, drugs, and self-preservation. Men have lost the sense of what God intended they become as men. The result is a catastrophic pile of carnage in our culture. Children grow up without their father’s influence. Women lead lonely and emotionally destitute lives. Crime is rampant among young boys who have no father figure in their life. Young girls grow promiscuous looking for the love of a man. The kingdom of darkness is real. We believe what happens in a men’s group isn’t just a good idea- it is essential. It is warfare.

It is for this very reason that we have a creed that frames our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. Appropriately, our creed is based on Scripture and we invite every man who joins a men’s group to recite this creed at a creed ceremony as a statement of commitment and solidarity with their group. It is found below.

With this creed, I declare my commitment to live out my identity in Christ. I have been crucified with Christ. I have died and my life is now hidden with Christ in God. I declare that for me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Furthermore, I declare my allegiance to God as my Father and commit my life to pursuing purity and obedience. I also affirm my role as the head of my household and dedicate myself to growing into the leader God has called me to. I finally devote my friendship to this band of brothers, to walk with God, to accept counsel by the Spirit, to receive healing with the truth and to wage war against the enemy advancing the kingdom of my God. May anyone, whether vile or kind, noble or base question my resolution here stated, be answered with truth and transparency, humility and honor, that my destiny as a man be not tarnished.

For His glory. For His kingdom.

As a symbol of taking this creed you will receive the Band of Brothers Coin. By taking this coin, you are declaring your affirmation of this creed and giving permission to others to challenge your actions and character based on the creed you have affirmed.

Coin FAQ

What does this coin mean? This coin represents in symbolic form the life of obedience and brotherhood to which Christ has called us and is an indicator to others of your willingness to be challenged on issues of character and faith. This coin represents nothing more than the proper level of accountability that all believers are called to according to (Matthew 18:15-17; Galatians 6:1; James 5:20) . It also serves as a reminder of the creed that you have chosen to commit to. The coin therefore should be carried around with you where ever you go.

Can I have a coin taken away? The purpose of the coin is to stay accountable when we sin, not an award given to people who don’t sin. Being a coin bearer means you are submitting yourself to the accountability of other men and the leadership in your church. If however, you choose to not stay accountable to God and others, we ask you to be honest enough to return your coin to the man who offered it to you.

What is the protocol for “coining” someone?” If you see an unhealthy or sinful pattern in another brothers life, pray about the best time and place to “coin” that brother. Though you may talk one on one with a brother, it also may be appropriate to coin a brother during your men’s group meeting. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to “coin” a brother with others present, it is that precise environment we want to cultivate in our groups- one that is authentic and safe.

What is the proper response for being “coined”? Do not take the creed and become a coin bearer if you don’t want to be challenged. This is for men who sincerely want to grow to become more like Christ and are inviting other men they trust to speak into their life. The best response is to be humble and listen to what the man is saying. He could be right on. He could be way off. Either way, a coin bearer should honestly evaluate what is being said. This can be painful as anyone who has ever been challenged can attest. However in the end, it can lead to growth and increased freedom.

Can any man receive a coin? Yes, as long as they are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to being a part of a band of brothers that meets regularly.

How do I get a coin? You may not buy a coin. The only way to receive a coin is to be invited by someone who is in fact a coin-bearer. You may only receive a coin after you have recited the creed in a creed ceremony.
What if I lose a coin? You may buy a replacement coin for $10.00 from the Men’s Pastor.

How is having a coin different from being in a club? Unlike a club, there is no rank or order to ascend to. It is simply a forceful commitment to Christ forged before the community of other brothers who are in mutual submission to one another.

What if I don’t carry my coin with me?” As a sort of friendly reminder of your unity with other coin bearers, you may receive a coin challenge. If you don’t have your coin, you will have to buy a drink of some kind for the challenger.

When is the coin ceremony? We plan to have 2-3 coin ceremonies per year as needed. The Band of Brothers leadership team will set the dates and inform you on a personal basis.

For more information about Men’s Ministries, contact:

Bruce Dillon – Community Pastor / Men