Our vision is to awaken men to embrace the love of Jesus, own their true identity, accept responsibility and to be eternal difference makers.

The Men’s Ministry is calling all men of the church to enlist as Minutemen. We believe that it’s important for the men of the church to exercise the gifts that God’s given us and to glorify God by serving others and bless those in need. We want to create opportunities for men to work shoulder to shoulder in building the kingdom.  Our families need to see this, the world needs to see this and we men need this. God didn’t rescue and redeem us to be benchwarmers; He’s called us to action!

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Men’s Events

33 The Series: Volume 5 A Man and His Marriage-sign up today!
Felida Campus: Mondays, April 17-May 22
Heritage Park Campus: Tuesdays, April 18-May 23

Bring life to your marriage by building it around God’s grace and for His glory. These six sessions include:

-1- Foundation
-2- Die to Live
-3- Friendship
-4- Intimacy
-5- Threats
-6- Game-Changers

Taking Ground: Men’s Conference

June 2-4 at Camp Kuratli in Boring, OR

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For more information about joining a men’s group or event, contact Bruce Dillon, (360)260-8300.







For more information about Men’s Ministries, contact:

Bruce Dillon – Community Pastor / Men