Rhythms: Introduction

Life Group Discussion Questions

January 6, 2019

Over the next seven weeks, we’re going to be looking at the different ways in which we can grow in our Christlikeness by practicing different spiritual disciplines. Our prayer and hope are that we help provide some tools and resources to help you scratch that itch for personal growth and development this year. This week is going to help set the table for the following weeks as we look at a handful of helpful rhythms we can enter into this year.

The Christian disciplines as a means of opening our mouths to breathe in all the loving resource God has already provided. Opening my mouth in prayer and praise does not manufacture more of God’s love for me, any more than opening my mouth makes more air. The means of grace simply allow me to experience the fullness of the love that God has already fully and completely provided. – Bryan Chapell, Holiness by Grace pg. 57
In shaping our own list of spiritual disciplines, we should keep in mind that very few disciplines can be regarded as absolutely indispensable… Practicing a range of activities that have proven track records across centuries will keep us from erring. – Dallas Willard

Get the Conversation Started

Q: What role have spiritual disciplines played in your spiritual growth?

Q: Which disciplines have been particularly helpful and why? Any you’ve considered trying, yet are reluctant to for some reason?

Q: What hindrances have gotten in the way of your pursuit of God?

Q: What means have helped you to overcome these hindrances?
Three Paradigm Shifts to Help Cultivate the Practice of the Disciplines

1)    Receiving v. Achieving – Read & Discuss Luke 18:9-14

Q: Who do you resonate more closely with in this passage, the Pharisee or the Tax Collector?

Q: Performance of the spiritual disciples are not to put God indebted into our service, but to receive something from God that we deeply need. How do you balance the expectation of meeting with God, yet not putting him into servitude towards your “religious service” for him?
2)    Communion v. Compartmentalization
The goal for Christians is to meet with God and walk with him throughout the day. Yet many of us experience compartmentalization of our faith. Our time in the Scriptures, prayer, and practicing the disciplines are seen as sacred duties and then we live our daily life without much thought of God.

Q: What are some ways to best break down the compartmentalization of our faith? How can we see and experience God in all our lives, not just in our time set aside?
3)    Regularity v. Infrequently
A recent study came out stating that 80% of new year resolutions fail by February, another 12% drops off throughout the year, and only 8% see success in what they set out to do. We set out large goals to see radical transformation in the next twelve months yet struggle to see the results we were hoping for. The solution? A daily approach, step by step. As we walk with Christ regularly and daily, we will be transformed into the image of Christ.
Read & Discuss – 1 Timothy 4:6-8 
Paul uses the imagery of working out for his young mentee on the importance and value of discipline when it comes to spiritual things. While being physically fit is important, the overall health of one’s soul is far more important. We all know the guy who spends too much time at the gym only working on his arms, and the rest of his body is disproportionately undersized or out of shape. How is the state of our spiritual life? Where do we need to develop rhythms and patterns for a more holistic approach for our souls?
Q: How can we as a group, partner and work together this year to see one another grow in connection and relationship with God and one another through the disciplines this year? This can be done by taking the time to go over the shared experiences in the bulletin; these are also available at summitview.net/rhythms, and also in the Summit View app.

Kyle Wetzler
Pastor of Spiritual Formation
Summit View Church