In Life groups, you will find friendship, support, and encouragement from the other members of your group. Through studying God’s Word, you will learn how God has designed us to live and grow together.

Looking for a place to get connected? A place to develop new friendships where you grow together in your relationship with God? One of our Life groups could be the place for you. We at Summit View Church, believe the best environment in which to grow spiritually is a smaller more relational environment. We currently have over 40 groups meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to grow together toward maturity in Christ. In this small group setting, we spend time developing true friendships and studying God’s Word. We then look to apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives.

Mission of Life Groups

To connect and grow people in Christ through relational environments.

What are relational environments that produce spiritual growth?

Any environment where two or more are gathered with the intention of growing in intimacy with one another and with Christ is a relational environment for spiritual growth.

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Life Group Startup Guide
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