Leadership Michael Hearn Fun Photo Silly face

Michael Hearn

Lead Pastor | Heritage Park Campus Pastor

Leadership Jon Siebert

Jon Siebert

Battle Ground Campus Pastor

leadership pastor jon siebert

Dave Williams

Interim Westside Campus Pastor

Leadership Kyle Wetzler Fun Photo

Kyle Wetzler

Executive Pastor of Ministry | Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Leadership Kenan Stolz posing with superhero memorabilia

Kenan Stolz

Westside Campus Community Pastor

Leadership Bruce Dillon Posing with a funny book

Bruce Dillon 

Executive Pastor of Operations
Oversees Men and Community Outreach

Leadership Sarah Glassett posing with a telephone

Sarah Glassett 

Dir. of Spiritual Formation to Women /Executive Administrative Assistant

Leadership Rob Williams posing with a funny book

Rob Williams 

Middle School Pastor | Heritage Park Campus
Online Pastor 

Leadership Tim Furnanz posing with rock climbing gear

Tim Furnanz

High School Pastor | Heritage Park
Young Adults Pastor

Leadership Tim Hawkins Posing with a sock puppet

Tim Hawkins 

Executive Director of Creative Arts 

Allie Correia poses with a photo of her dog

Allie Correia 

Communications Manager 

Leadership norm allport poses with a guitar

Norm Allport

Technical Director

Leadership Michael Williams Posing with a funny face

Michael Williams

Videography Assistant

Leadership Bethany Foster posing with books and coffee

Bethany Foster 

Administrative Assistant
Heritage Park Campus 

Leadership Lauren Salazar posing with a coffee cup

Lauren Salazar 

Administrative Assistant
Westside Campus / Communications 

Leadership Ashley Ainley posing with a guitar and a book

Ashley Ainley 

Worship Director
Battle Ground Campus 

Leadership Amy Hildebrand posing with a cello

Amy Hildebrand 

Worship Director
Westside Campus 

Leadership Amy Hildebrand posing with a cello

Steph Shrager

Worship Director
Heritage Park Campus 

Leadership LeAnn Ashton posing with silly sunglasses

LeAnn Ashton 

SV Kids Director
Heritage Park Campus 

Leadership Kerry Keast posis with a coffee mug and a rock that says laugh

Kerry Keast 

SV Kids Leader Coordinator
Heritage Park Campus 

Leadership Tiffany posing with a silly face

Tiffany Nielson 

SV Kids Director
Westside Campus 

leadership Anna Palmer poses witha sign that says "how do you want your eggs cooked? ...In a cake please."

Anna Palmer 

SV Kids Director
Battle Ground Campus 

Leadership Lori Dietel

Lori Dietel 


Leadership Jim Murray poses with a plunger and a hard hat

Jim Murray 

Campus Services Supervisor

Jon Moody 

Ministry Resident
Westside Campus 

Leadership Tiffany posing with a silly face

Kati Kavanagh

Campus Services 


Intern Ry Paulsen poses with a telephone

Ry Paulsen 

Battle Ground Campus

Intern Brooke

Brooke Coen 

Intern | Tribe & Communications
Westside Campus 

Intern Katie posing with a book on her head

Katelynn Schadt 

Intern | Children’s Ministry
Heritage Park Campus