Team Time
Outside Activities
Alphabet-get to know you
Compartmentalization of Faith

Leader Homework
December Leader HW
October Adult Leader HW
Fall Pro and Progress Report
October Student Leader HW
August ALL Leader HW
May ALL Leader HW
April Adult Leader HW
April Student Leader HW
March Adult Leader HW Part 1
March Adult Leader HW Part 2
March Student Leader HW
2/26/12 Adult Leader HW
2/26/12 Student Leader HW
February Adult Leader HW

Leadership Retreat
Session One: Identity
Session Two: Contact Work
Session Three: Refuge & The City (Big Group Gatherings)
Session Four: Team & Street (Medium Group Gatherings)
Session Five: Discipleship (Small Group Gatherings)
Session Six: One on One & Crisis Management
Session Seven: Flow of Ministry & SWOT

Shepherd or Hireling
Leading Volunteers
Eight Tips for Effective Leadership
Six Couching Questions
Four Myths of Leadership
Addressing Grief Issues
Spiritual Development
Spiritual Disciplines Devotional
Games for Groups
Restoration Steps
4 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves
The Trainer vs. the Developer


Leadership Tools Binder

Human Leadership Types

How God can use you at camp!
Philosophy of Camping Ministry

Leading a Friend to Christ
One-On-One Conversations
Pray you can…

Dealing with Crisis
Crisis Action Plan Worksheet
Understanding Crisis
Working with Challenging Students

Discipleship & Disciple Making
Philosophy of Family Discipleship & Involvement in Student Ministry
The Process

Emotional Health
The Four Liberating Truths about God
Discipleship That Makes the Difference
Disciples Next Frontier
Break the Power of the Past
Look Beneath the Surface
Live in Brokenness and Vulnerability
Embrace Grieving and Loss
Receive the Gifts of Limits
Make Incarnation Your Model for Loving Well
Emotional Health: Fruits of the Spirit
Listening to Stories and Learning to Talk

Leader Recruitment
Selecting Leaders
Five Main Models of Youth Ministry
Clark Co. Demographics
Life Development Process

Refuge Adult Leader Contract
Refuge Student Leader Application
Refuge Student Leader Contract
Leader Background Check Form

Spiritual Disciplines
Secret of Easy Yoke
Discipline of Study
Discipline of Celebration
Discipline of Meditation
Discipline of Confession
Discipline of Prayer
Discipline of Service
Process of Making Disciples

You and Your Team Self-Assessment

Wednesday Night