Kira Hewgley

Missionary with YWAM through Marine Reach Ships & Training

There are many reasons I feel called back to New Zealand. I truly love what the experience of DTS did for me and how it radically changed my life and how all the staff were such a big part of that- I want to be a piece of that for future students. I want to impact their lives in the same way previous staff have impacted mine. Also, I have such a big heart for the nation of Vanuatu and want to continue to pursue relationship with many of the people I met there on the islands. I want to be able to serve them and love them like Jesus loves us. I want to show them their worth in Christ and their value as children of God with actions as large as building a water tank or as simple as spending time and helping cook a meal.

What I’ll be doing in New Zealand is going to vary a bit as time passes. I will start off working as base staff and working in hospitality which will include house keeping, meal prep, and leading a small group of students through their daily chores. As time passes I will progress into DTS staff where I will be fully hands on with the students. I will be leading a small group of students through lectures once a week as well as being a mentor to a handful of girls and walking with them through their school and processing with them. With that I will also be leading an outreach team possibly into Vanuatu or possibly into another country, just wherever the Lord may call us. On outreach our teams will be living in the villages with the natives and serving in any way possible. Big or small. We will be leading bible studies and listening to bible studies as we live in their nation for 2 months.

Over the next two years I would greatly appreciate prayer for doors to be opened for our ministry to be able to further love the nations, and also that the Lord would continue to stir in me and mature my spirit and amplify my spiritual gifts. If you feel so lead to donate to me I would be very thankful for your support.


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