The Men’s Ministry is calling all men of the church to enlist as Minutemen.

Historically speaking, Minutemen were civilians in the days of the Revolutionary War who joined the militia when called upon to protect their towns, fight for their country and to stand up for freedom. They were simple, ordinary farmers and tradesmen who left their plows and dropped their tools for a period of time to sacrifice of themselves and answer the call. They didn’t wear uniforms and they may not have looked like much to the enemy, but they were equipped and prepared to march at any time; they didn’t wait for the threat and then try to organize. They anticipated the need, committed themselves and were ready when the battle came to their door.

At Summit View Church, we believe that it’s important for the men of the church to exercise the gifts that God has given us and to glorify God by serving others and bless those in need. We want to create opportunities for men to work shoulder to shoulder in building the Kingdom. Our families need to see this, the world needs to see this and we men need this. God didn’t rescue and redeem us to be benchwarmers; He’s called us to action!

We’d like to have a list of go-to guys that we can call upon when a widow or single mom needs the snow shoveled off of her walk or when a disabled veteran needs a wheelchair ramp built. We don’t always have weeks to plan and prepare for stuff like that; we want to react quickly and be ready to serve! We encourage you to make the decision to make the commitment, to answer the call, fight for the cause and serve as a Summit View Minuteman. Your phone might ring next week or next year, but as a church, we’d like to know that we have men available to call upon to lend a hand.

Questions? Contact Bruce Dillon at the church office, (360) 260-8300.

Interested in serving? Please answer a few questions so we know how you’re able to serve.

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