There are many in our community who are struggling desperately to provide for their families in this difficult economy. Our hope is to help these families by giving away over 600 food boxes during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season! Most of these boxes are delivered to public schools in our area who pass them on to families struggling to provide meals while their children are away from school-provided meals during the holidays.

One food box (with shopping list) is designed to feed a family of four for one week. This is a big commitment—it’s around $50 to fill a box plus another $25 donation for perishables. If this is a stretch for you, consider filling a box with another family or join in with your Care Group to fill two or three boxes.

Together we can help needy families if only for a short time. God will use the Summit View family to bless others!


Make a donation to the Food Box Ministry in lieu of filling a box. 


Holiday Food Boxes will be available in late October 2017. Thank you for your generous giving during the 2016 holiday season. We were able to serve over 600 families in Clark County!