Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor

Signature dish (you cook): My signature dish is my only dish. Scrambled eggs.

Good habit: I always have a clean shave and smell good

Bad habit: I leave all the kitchen cabinets open

Coffee habit: I’m not old enough to drink coffee

I’m scared to try: Anything over 10′ in the air

Cat/dog/other: We have a part time pocket dog named Lily and a cranky cat named Oscar.

Etiquette Pet Peeve: Loud cell phone talkers in restaurants

I wish I could tell my younger self: Enjoy being young!  It doesn’t last

I never leave home without: A cell phone, watch and a pen

Your spouse/best friend would describe you as: “the love of my life”.

The last book I read/re-read: The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

Favorite part of your job/ministry: I enjoy helping people do what God has called them to do – removing the obstacles.

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