Director of Middle School – Felida

Signature dish (you cook): Southern-style grits 

Good habit: Morning person

Bad habit: Cracking my knuckles

Coffee habit: Arnold Palmer’s are my coffee

Personal motto/Life verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. -Matthew 22:37

I’m scared to try: Anything with height involved

Cat/dog/other: Dog, Siberian Husky, 24/7

Etiquette Pet Peeve: People who would rather text about important things than talk about them. 

I wish I could tell my younger self: Your dreams and aspirations are not over because you got a C in High School biology.

I never leave home without: Wallet

Your spouse/best friend would describe you as: Hard-working, caring, ridiculous  

The last book I read/re-read: Middle School Ministry Made Simple by Kurt Johnston 

Favorite part of your job/ministry: Working with the community and developing relationships centered around Christ.

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