Olivia Beals, Missionary to Sydney, Australia

Olivia is serving with CRU, investing in relationships on college campuses in Sydney, Australia.

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What does day to day on campus look like for you?

Every day on campus is different for me, but there is some routine that is incorporated into it. Usually, the day starts with a time of prayer and studying the Bible with my coworkers or by myself.  The days usually are filled with core groups, a weekly meeting, and a STINT team meeting to mention a few of the group gatherings that happen consistently.

Outside of the hour or two every day that those gatherings happen in, I get the chance to meet with students in smaller settings. I meet up with about 7 girls currently throughout the week in a 1-1 or 2-1 setting Monday-Thursday  where we learn how to invest in our relationship with God,  read the Bible,  reach out to other students and friends, and pray tons.

Another way I get to meet with students on a smaller scale is through “walk up” which is the cultural term here for evangelism.  During walk up I get to pair up with someone on my team or a student to take the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit to approach people, get to know them, and engage in a spiritual conversation in the hopes that the Gospel would be shared and the person would be known and be given the chance to respond to God’s invitation of a personal relationship. 

Besides facilitating core groups, weekly meeting, discipleship, and walk up, my days include time for prep, prayer, and rest so I can serve God and students well. Time management is a learned thing in this process, to say the least.

How can we be praying for you?

  •      Pray for the girls that I meet up with. Please pray that I would teach them not leaning on my own wisdom, and pray that they would get to share their faith with their friends that we are praying for!
  •      Pray for the girls that Kelsey, Jerusha, and I meet during outreaches, walk up, and in our every day that we would be intentional, relatable, and joyful to share our faith and lives with them! We have actually had cool conversations, with a few girls in particular, this past week that hopefully will lead to more hangs to get to know them better!
  •      Pray for clarity for me as I excitingly get to make the choice to continue to STINT here another year. So far, it’s been great to learn from God and others while feeling at home here in Australia, but I want to be wise and attune to what God wants for me next year whether it’s here or wherever.

What’s something we should know about campus ministry in Sydney, your students, and you so far?

I want to you know that YOU are serving the students of Sydney as much as I ever could be in my time here.  I cannot “GO” if I am not sent, and you are part of that. Not only have you “sent” me by supporting me financially and prayerfully, but the way you labor at work for your wage and in prayer for revival near and far is not in vain! 

I truly want you to see how your specific and consistent or inconsistent prayers are being answered as people encounter God. You are taking part in the Great Commission, the ends of the earth hearing about the Gospel and responding. I want you to know nations are being met here in Sydney, students are having raw thoughts and conversations about what they believe in the midst of being pulled in one million different directions that come with the work, school and family set up of the culture, and that I am without hesitation thankful that you would partner with me in this. Thank you for sending me and serving God.

“Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. “

Philippians 2:2 

I hope that you find my informal update endearing this month and that it has left you encouraged.  As always, please tell me how I can be praying for you specifically- I love doing so!  I look forward to more questions you might have and more stories that I get to share with you in time! 

Grace and Peace,



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