Olivia Beals, Missionary to Sydney, Australia

Olivia is serving with Cru (known as Power to Change in Australia), turning lost and found students into Christ-centred disciple makers at the University of Sydney.

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What does day-to-day on campus look like for you?

My job description is, essentially, evangelize and make disciples, so my days are filled with various items surrounding those two motions.

With evangelism, there are a few ways, in general, I approach others with the gospel.

– I can be found engaging with or inviting other to a large group to experience the gospel and prompt spiritual conversations,

– taking the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit to approach people to engage in getting to know each other, talk about experiences they’ve had with spirituality and then share the Gospel with them,

– and coming alongside my disciples or other students connected with Power to Change to help them explore their peers spiritual background and journey with them towards God as the gospel is shared, chewed on, and responded to.

With discipleship, I am meeting with on average 12 girls in various places of their faith to help them take the next step toward God. During my time in discipleship, I am praying with and for them, doing ministry with them, and exposing them to God’s Word- all with the understanding of the Holy Spirit and his role to transform us. I especially investing in a few in the hopes that they will go on to evangelize and make disciples themselves within their family, friend group, or field of work that they go into; all this so that they as many people can choose Jesus as possible. It’s so fun and important to empower these women and relate to them in the many different ways we are so different and alike at the same time.

Items like outreaches, conferences, socials, and opportunities for training and speaking engagements happen irregularly within the semesters, but my daily commitments revolve around the students I work with and my team who wants to reach the ends of the earth with me.Hour to hour, my timetable is full of meeting with girls, sharing my faith in a variety of ways, prayer, prep, and overall helping people to engage with God every day.


How can we be praying for you?

Please pray for revival on this campus and in this city. Over 55,000 students go to the University of Sydney and will go on to be the next leaders of Australia and the other nations students hail from. Sydney Uni is the first and most competitive university in the country, so you can liken it to an Ivy League university in America- you know, where future presidents, scientists, educators, activists come out of- that’s what is happening here at Sydney Uni. Pray that God would use us and other believers around us to impact the people here with God’s message who are changing culture now and to come.

– Please pray for the girls that I meet up with. Please pray that  in whatever line of work they want to go into that they would already live with eternal perspective. I want them to grow so deeply in their relationship with God and want them to branch out to their loved and not-so-lived ones with the gospel.  Pray they would have a desire to pursue God and pursue people here and around the world.

Please pray that I would be given such clarity as to how God will use me next.

What’s something we should know about campus ministry in Sydney, your students, and you so far?

I want to you know that YOU are serving the students of Sydney as much as I ever could be in my time here.  I cannot “GO” if I am not sent, and you are part of that. Not only have you “sent” me by supporting me financially and prayerfully, but the way you labor at work for your wage and in prayer for revival near and far is not in vain!

I truly want you to see how your specific and consistent or inconsistent prayers are being answered as people encounter God. You are taking part in the Great Commission, the ends of the earth hearing about the Gospel and responding. I want you to know nations are being met here in Sydney, students are having raw thoughts and conversations about what they believe in the midst of being pulled in one million different directions that come with the work, school and family set up of the culture, and that I am without hesitation thankful that you would partner with me in this. Thank you for sending me and serving God.


“Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

Matthew 28:18-20


Your partner,


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