Communication and Graphic Design Intern

Hometown: Born in San Mateo, California, but grew up primarily in Battle Ground, WA

Family: Extensive, way too many people to count!

How did you come to SV? A great family friend had a wedding here, and my grandma, sister and I soon started attending.

Favorite part of your role: Getting to actively serve the church with my passion for creativity while also learning valuable life-long skills.

Spiritual history: I accepted Jesus into my life when I was 11, at  Snow What in the 6th grade. He has been the Lord and driver of my life since then.

Favorite warm drink: Any and all tea.

Favorite smell: Fresh mowed grass after the rain. Also ice cream, because who doesn’t love the smell of ice cream!

Favorite song: Scandal Of Grace by Hillsong United

Secret superhero identity: Probably a flying multitasking one that can fly, see with a birds eye view, while also hearing from miles away and exterminating pesky computer bugs.

Favorite form of exercise: Riding my bike.

Favorite show/movie: The Goonies!

Do you have a special talent? I’m not sure that it’s a talent but I can read books rather quickly.

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