Signature dish (you cook): Pasties, a Cornish meat pie from upper peninsula Michigan. Miners carried these into the mines for lunch. Best, piping hot with ketchup.

Good habit:  Sensitive male who values long conversations with his wife

Bad habit:  Dental floss beside my bed

Coffee habit: Triple B: BIG, BLACK and BOLD. No girly drinks.

Personal motto/Life verse: This ain’t my first rodeo.

I’m scared to try:  “Cold Kentucky Rain” karaoke, AGAIN, in a high pitch, on a cruise boat.

Cat/dog/other: Love guy-type CATS.

Etiquette Pet Peeve: Blowing out birthday cake candles with a wad of Copenhagen in your mouth

I wish I could tell my younger self:  Team before self

I never leave home without: Cinnamon toothpicks

Your spouse/best friend would describe you as:  “He drives me nuts, but I love him.”

The last book I read/re-read:  Pegasus Bridge, the account of a critical D-Day battle that isolated German tanks.

Favorite part of your job/ministry: People. I love meeting new people, and longtime friendships.



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